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Робот за почистване на прозорци Alfawise WS - 860

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    Jul 2016

    Робот за почистване на прозорци Alfawise WS - 860

    Робот за почистване на прозорци Alfawise WS - 860

    Main Features:
    ● The cleaning process is smoother and more efficient
    ● 70mm thick and is more suitable for use in places where windows are equipped with the safety net and other spaces
    ● The caterpillar track in the machine gear group adopts the reinforced anti-slip belt, which can last longer
    ● The gear drive wheel is made of PC material, which is more wear-resistant and durable
    ● One key to start N + Z path, and there are relatively many times of edge cleaning, so there will be no edge leakage sweep, and the cleaning is more in place
    ● With voice prompt, when the machine is operated or in trouble, it can use the machine in a more standardized way according to the language prompt and reduce the related problems caused by the operation error
    ● The embedded floating friction board realizes the precise design requirement of the internal structure of the bottom floating board and makes the machine run more easily
    ● Remote control: 2 x AAA battery
    ● Built-in 650mAh Li-ion battery, strong adsorption of 2800 PA


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