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Basic information and function

Product Model:T6 Max
Machine Size:195*137*201mm
Product Color:White
Product Weight:1945g

Optical Parameters
Projection Technology:LCD
Light Source:LED
Physical Resolution:1920*1080
Projection Ratio:1.35:1
Projection Scale:16:9 / 4:3

System Parameter
CPU Amlogic:Amlogic 972
Storage Built-In:16GB eMMC high speed flash memory
System:Android 9.0
Wi-Fi:2.4G+5G dual-band wifi
Bluetooth-compatible:Bluetooth-compatible 5.0
Speaker:5W X 2 (Independent Digital Power Amplifer)
Focusing:Electric Focusing

- Native 1080P full HD with 550 ANSI Lumens high brightness,provide ultra-high-definition and high-brightness viewing experience
- 2+16GB and Android 9.0,large screen intelligent system, visit internet directly,one-click installation with various applications freely,massive source of movies
- Electric-focus-Keep freely,T6Max focus-automatically when booting or moving, clearpicture keeps as it is as always
- Al voice control.Your instructions, listening at any time, Al intelligent voicecontrol, everything is controlled with one word
-Support side projection with 4-point keystone correction ,square picture can be maintained no matter in living room or bedroom, no matter facing straightly or not
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